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VTT’s Head of Information Service, Kirsi Tuominen, recognised as Vuoden Tietojohtaja 2010


VTT’s Head of Information Service, Kirsi Tuominen, was awarded the Tietojohtaja 2010 (Knowledge Manager of the Year 2010) reward in recognition of her role in the international knowledge sector and as a pioneer in knowledge management. The acknowledgement was awarded in connection with the ICSTI and Tietopäivät annual conferences in Helsinki on 10 June.

Tuominen is a Master of Science in Technology and an MBA. She has also pursued post-graduate studies at the Helsinki University of Technology (now part of the Aalto University) and Harvard University in the United States. Tuominen has previously worked for the Finnish Embassy in London and Teknos Maalit Oy; she has served in roles based in Helsinki and Boston for Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, and she has been the EU representative in Brussels for the Foundation for Finnish Inventions. Tuominen has served as head of VTT’s Knowledge Solutions since 2003.

“The aim of VTT’s Knowledge Solutions is to enhance the profitability of research and innovation activities – relevance, speed and impact. Success in the global competition entails absorbing knowledge and creating new knowledge as well as new perspectives more efficiently and more quickly than your competitors. VTT’s Knowledge Solutions draws on strong competence in the refinement and analysis of scientific-technical, patenting and market knowledge,” Tuominen says.

VTT’s Knowledge Solutions plays a role in utilising VTT’s internal knowledge and enhancing its global visibility with the help of publishing services and publication and research databases. In addition to VTT, Knowledge Solutions’ clients are technology-intensive companies and the public sector.

VTT’s CEO, Erkki KM Leppävuori, emphasises the strategic significance of knowledge to VTT. “The key thing is to exploit existing knowledge and use it as a base to develop new knowledge and solutions. That’s how we create a genuine competitive advantage for both VTT and our clients. The ability to manage and utilise information is the foundation of innovation and success. VTT has successfully incorporated continuous international acquisition and exchange of knowledge as part of its activities,” Leppävuori says.

  • “The recognition I’ve received belongs to the whole of VTT, where knowledge is always seen as a strategic investment, and to the personnel of Knowledge Solutions, who, with their multifaceted expertise, client-oriented approach and enthusiasm, are making VTT a pioneer in the utilisation of knowledge,” Tuominen comments.

Each year the ICSTI conference gathers together a large group of leading names and decision-makers in knowledge management from scientific organisations and companies around the world. Together with the Society for Finnish Information Specialists, VTT hosted the conference, which was held in Finland for the first time on 10–11 June 2010. The theme of the conference this year was “From Information to Innovation”, which emphasised the significance of knowledge as a driver of scientific, technological and commercial development. Tietopäivät 2010 was organised in connection with the ICSTI conference.

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