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International Women's Day 2018



​International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We asked VTT's researchers to share their thoughts on International Women's Day. 


"In a contemporary and scientific mind-set there shouldn't be any gender discrimination regardless of the field of research. In Finland, we enjoy a "high de​gree of equality" however; we still observe a male-dominated attitude at different levels in many of the developed countries. In the century that we live in, we should be speaking about human rights not men and women. Saying that, I commemorate all those women who struggled for their rights and those fearless pioneers in science who pawed the way for us."
-  Dr Nesli Sözer, Principal Scientist


"This day means that women have succeed in every aspect of life and profession but still need to be remembered for the oppression and powerlessness they are submitted. Personally, I try to use my profession to understand and impact positively people's lives, especially by investigating how innovations can be used to tackle societal challenges. If I serve as inspiration for other women, I am glad for attaining some impact. Anyway, all human beings should be allowed to dream and have conditions to realize their dreams, no matter the gender."
- Maria Barbosa Lima-Toivanen, Senior Scientist  


 "As a member of a scientific community, gender issues have rarely come up my daily life even though I am a woman working in the traditionally male dominant field of chemical engineering. Not having to think about gender issues especially at work, is the ideal situation to be in. International Women's' Day for me, however is a good reminder to celebrate womanhood and share recognition for the great work women do around the world!" 

- Yun Ji, Visiting Professor (Fulbright) 


"I am proud of being a researcher woman with ambition and perseverance to follow my personal and career goals. What I am and where I am is a reward to a great effort, and I am grateful to those that believe in and support me."

- Irene Coronado, Research Scientist


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