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Trainesense developed SmartPaddle powermeter for swimmers


VTT swimming performance analysis

Trainesense Ltd has developed technology for swimming performance analysis in co-operation with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. The patented technology measures the magnitude, direction and timing of the force during the strokes without special arrangement. The product will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2017.

Visibility to the force as such simplifies the performance analysis largely, but SmartPaddle is much more. In swimming, increasing watts does not automatically result in increased speed which is the case in cycling. Trainesense methodology provides easy-to-use toolbox for analysing the efficiency of the stroke. With the help of the toolbox, experts can get to a new level of understanding on the swimming dynamics. Amateur swimmers can utilize the toolbox to get the essentials right on their swimming.

SmartPaddle data is stored in Trainesense Analysis Center. Modern web technology makes the data available for wider audience for comparison, sharing and discussion.

Wearable technology will change the way we train, forever.

Measurements and testing have become an instrumental part of both competitive and recreational sport. The amount of information we can measure is overwhelming. More and more time and effort is required to analyse and understand all of that. This trend will continue and the elite human sport will be approaching the Formula1 level of precision.

Two questions remain: Which information is really relevant? Why would the relevant information be the luxury of only few top athletes with sizeable support teams?

An answer to these questions is simple yet exhaustive. The latest technology enables measuring the essentials of human performance. This simplifies the performance analysis to the level that it can be utilised in daily training sessions. It will be possible for everybody, everywhere and everyday to learn more about their performance.

The nature of the change is easier to understand with a concrete example. Looking at cycling, the powermeters are nowadays an essential part of everyday training: movement is created by force and measuring force provides undisturbed visibility to the used power. Power measurements used to be possible only in laboratory conditions and a limited number of athletes utilized the information. Lately powermeters have become available for all of the cyclists and a complete ecosystem has been formed around the measured power: combination of devices and services where the athletes and exercisers actively interact and learn more. TRAINESENSE – Train with the sense for the essential

Improving the efficiency of Kaisa Lehtonen’s stroke

"Swimming is the discipline in triathlon which I have been struggling with most", says Kaisa Lehtonen. She has piloted SmartPaddle since June 2016.

"Our co-operation started by breaking down the power budget of her swimming. Together with Kaisa and her coach Paul Sjöholm, we agreed on improvement targets and focus for the development.

During the piloting we have regularly visited the normal training sessions and helped understanding the dynamics of Kaisa’s swimming. The impact of different environmental aspects – such as open water, wetsuits and drafting - to her stroke dynamics has been measured. We also validated the technique drills and ensured that they are executed in the way that the targeted change will happen.", says Riku Rimpelä, CEO of Trainesense.

"I can really see if my stroke is right or not !", comments Kaisa Lehtonen the results.

The main development target has been to improve the efficiency of Kaisa’s stroke. With the help of Trainesense SmartPaddle she can now produce the same swimming speed with 12 % less power and 4% lower frequency.

This has been achieved in 6 visits to normal training sessions. Additionally SmartPaddle was used regularly in the training camp in Mallorca: the key parameters were monitored locally on the poolside and remotely Trainesense experts were running a detailed analysis.

There are measurable facts of the improvements, but the biggest benefit has been the knowledge Kaisa and Paul have gained during the process. The new level of insight brings the level of discussion and thinking on the swimming dynamics into new era. In addition to the already achieved improvements, there are plenty of other findings that enable further improvements.

"We are eagerly waiting for the results in the upcoming competitions!", says Riku Rimpelä.

Piloting before commercializing in 2017

More than 600 individual recordings with over 130 swimmers have been carried out with SmartPaddle. The test population includes swimmers from newcomer triathletes to olympic swimmers.

During the autumn of 2016 we Trainesense will be piloting the product with selected partners.

"We are currently offering the opportunity for 1-2 additional piloting partners to join the ongoing piloting program. ", says Riku Rimpelä TRAINESENSE – Train with the sense for the essential

Trainesense and its partners

Trainesense Ltd is a start-up company established in January 2016. Founders are experienced professionals from Nokia and Microsoft. Trainesense technology is building on top of the technology demonstration done by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland in 2015. During the spring 2016 SmartPaddle product was developed in co-operation with VTT, Vincit and Trelab. More than 600 individual recordings with over 130 swimmers have been carried out. The test population includes swimmers from newcomer triathletes to olympic swimmers.

For the investors there is also an opportunity to join the journey by investing in the ongoing investment round. In co-operation with VTT Ventures we are collecting the investment that will enable the new step in the evolution of sport performance analysis.


Further information:

Riku Rimpelä

CEO and founder

tel. +358505572273