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The world of advertising revolutionised by a Finnish technology company



Lindström Oy, press release May 6, 2014

Posterfy, a start-up company born from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is set to digitize the world with its interactive display solution that runs up to one year without recharging and measures every contact.

Posterfy has developed a new digital signage solution that can be installed anywhere - without a power cord. The cloud-driven display brings digital advertising to places where it has not been possible before. Together with its partners, Posterfy is building an international network. For the first time, digital out-of-home advertising campaigns can be launched based on the number of verified contacts. Digital out-of-home advertising is the fastest-growing out-of-home advertising sector with a global annual growth rate exceeding 10 percent.

The key challenges in out-of-home advertising are display positioning and contact measurability. Posterfy’s solution solves both issues. A thin e-ink display consumes very little power and can run up to one year on a single charge. The content is updated via a mobile network. Users can browse the content with a flick of a hand without touching the screen.

‘The precise measurability of out-of-home advertising is something completely new. The real added value of our display solution is that, for the first time ever, we can count the actual number of times an advertisement has been seen,’ says Kari Hjelt, CEO at Posterfy.

Advertising on hand towel dispensers

In the first commercial application, the display is integrated into Lindström’s towel dispensers. The advertisement on Smart Lid changes every time a customer pulls the towel or moves a hand in front of the screen.

In Finland alone, Lindström has 100 000 dispensers from which fresh towel is pulled around 350 million times a year. No wonder Lindström has been looking for an advertising solution for dispensers for a long time.

‘The new display is great because it’s wireless and easy to update. Through the integrated display we can advertise and communicate, which makes the solution attractive also for proprietors,’ says Juha Laurio, President and CEO of Lindström.

Posterfy’s displays are delivered and installed via Lindström’s service chain. In a restaurant, for instance, the sales of selected products can be promoted with this new advertising channel.

‘However, the display is not only for advertising purposes, but also for communicating and improving service. Because the display is connected to a mobile network, cleaners can send messages about the maintenance of sanitary facilities. Smart Lid can also send an alarm if a hand towel has run out or the device needs servicing,’ Kari Hjelt explains the device benefits.

The solution is based on VTT’s multi-technology expertise in printed intelligence, wireless communication and sensing as well as on the experience of Posterfy’s co-founders in out-of-home advertising. The first major investors in Posterfy are VTT Ventures and Lindström. Posterfy’s research and development work is supported by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

‘The Posterfy displays are naturally a great addition to Lindström’s solution portfolio, but we are especially excited of this opportunity to promote Finnish technology and expertise,’ Juha Laurio says.

Posterfy’s co-founders are Kari Hjelt, Tomi Mattila, Oskari Heikel, Tuomas Kannas and Olli Paloheimo. CEO Kari Hjelt worked at Nokia for more than 10 years, leading a number of research and product development projects. During the past few years, he has worked with start-ups. CTO Tomi Mattila worked previously at VTT as a senior scientist in printed electronics and wireless systems. Other co-founders have extensive experience particularly in digital marketing and services.

Posterfy Oy

Posterfy is a Finnish technology and media company digitizing the world with its proprietary interactive display solution that runs up to a year without recharging. It is the first-ever display solution facilitating measurable communication and advertising anywhere – easily and affordably.

Lindström Group

The textile service company Lindström reinforces its customers’ corporate image. Our service facilitates daily routines and provides the most affordable comprehensive solution on the market. We are a responsible and valued employer. Lindström employs approximately 2,900 people in Europe and Asia. The group turnover was €303 million in 2013.


Photo: Digital signate solution on a hand towel dispenser (photo: Lindström Oy)