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Sonja Hilavuo appointed as Vice President, Sales & Business Development in VTT


Sonja Hilavuo (M.Sc.) has been appointed as Vice President, Sales & Business Development in VTT starting from 15th November 2017. She is in charge of sales management, marketing and developing commercial partnerships both in start-ups and in large companies.

Hilavuo will be in charge of VTT's knowledge intensive products and services business area's sales, marketing and business development in which she will get to utilize her wide international networks. She has previously worked as chief sales and marketing officer and board advisor at Avalo, a FinTech company, and prior to that as head of sales and business development for example at Microsoft and Nokia.

"I believe in huge growth in knowledge intensive products and services. With its offering 'from silicon to cloud' and top know-how VTT has the readiness to meet the demand and to create added value through business collaboration", she emphasizes.

"Making better use of VTT's research know-how in order to reshape and grow companies' business is high on VTT's agenda. We aim at creating impact through the research. I believe that Hilavuo's strong experience within customer relations, sales and business development will help us get to the next level", Petri Kalliokoski notes.

Hilavuo has over 20 years of experience of leading diverse teams in international B2B and B2B2C business and of commercializing of mobile, cloud and digital solutions in multiple industries. She has also worked as a female leader in multicultural environments, such as in Nigeria, India and the Middle East.