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PrintoCent innovation centre: converting state-of-the-art research results into significant business



The Finnish PrintoCent innovation centre programme will invest more than EUR 10 million over three years in projects that aim at converting research results in printed electronics and optical measurement technology into industrial and business activity. PrintoCent refines the results of ongoing research and development projects into business with the help of prototypes and product demonstrators. 

PrintoCent is an innovation centre of printed electronics and optical measurement technology that develops research, education and business activity in the field. The centre is coordinated by VTT. Currently, PrintoCent's research and development projects employ approximately 150 persons. The centre's research and development project base already amounts to more than EUR 10 million per year.

PrintoCent's objective is to reinforce Finland's position as one of Europe's leading innovation centres in printed electronics and optical measurement technology. The new three-year special programme will aim at taking research results from laboratories into industrial production and products in cooperation with Finnish and foreign companies. The aim is to generate new companies and hundreds of industrial jobs in the Finnish region of Oulu, which is famous for its electronics expertise.

Funded by the European regional development fund, the State Provincial Office of Oulu's education department, the City of Oulu and companies, a project entitled "Printed electronics innovation environment 2009–2011" has commenced, building a pilot manufacturing environment for printed electronics and diagnostics for VTT in Oulu. The environment will serve the development of manufacturing and production methods as well as equipment from laboratories towards industrial manufacturing.

Research Professor Harri Kopola, VTT, considers the funding decisions significant.

"The funding provides us with an opportunity to build the leading innovation environment in Europe, if not the world. Now, we have the tools for taking the next step in the product industrialisation path," says Kopola.

PrintoCent was founded by VTT, the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Oulu Innovation Oy. The centre is a part of the Oulu Innovation Centre, which was established in February.