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Open Photonics and VTT announce collaboration in commercialization of revolutionary spectral engine technologies



Open Photonics, Inc., a photonics technology acceleration company and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have announced a partnership to accelerate the commercialization of VTT’s advanced Fabry-Perot visible and infrared spectroscopy and spectral imaging technologies.

“Open Photonics has introduced a new model for speeding commercialization. We see great synergies in linking VTT’s spectral engine technology with our commercial partners focusing on bringing next generation sensing technologies to market,” says Jason Eichenholz, CEO of Open Photonics, Inc.

VTT’s novel Fabry-Perot technologies enable size and cost reductions in the next generation of spectral measurement instrumentation. These properties combined with access to new wavelength regions are the key drivers for future measurement and process control devices. VTT’s innovative sensing platforms have been demonstrated in many applications including medical imaging, gas analysis, process monitoring and remote airborne sensing.

“The Open Photonics team has strong know-how on the commercialization process, potential markets as well as potential partners and customers globally. VTT’s strategy is to make business out of technology, and by collaborating with Open Photonics and leveraging their business and technological expertise in photonics, we expect to accelerate the commercialization of our optical sensing technology significantly,” says Howard Rupprecht, Vice President of New Business Development at VTT.

About Open Photonics, Inc.

Open Photonics Inc. (OPI) accelerates early-stage product development, innovation and research and development for global clients that seek photonic based solutions as part of their strategy and product roadmap. Open Photonics manages a completely new type of open innovation and crowd-sourcing grant program, Photonic HorizonsTM, to harvest technology and new product ideas sitting dormant within garages, universities or small companies and match them with more established companies looking to bring these ideas to market via their established processes and channels. OPI only engages clients and projects encompassing the commercialization of photonics technologies.