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New technology instantly warns operations staff of increased energy consumption and its causes


VTT participates in a project with the goal of significantly improving the energy efficiency of small and medium manufacturing industry. The industry currently receives information on its energy consumption after the fact. Intelligent technology enables the real-time measurement of energy consumption, thus allowing an immediate reaction to abnormal consumption. Sudden changes in energy consumption are often caused by problems in processes or machinery. By combining energy metering data with data from production and condition monitoring, the causes of consumption peaks can be investigated and quickly corrected. The system will alert the operations staff via e-mail or SMS messages.

The AmI-MoSES project (Ambient-Intelligent Interactive Monitoring System for Energy Use Optimisation in Manufacturing SMEs) of the EU’s 7th framework programme is focused on developing an ambient intelligent monitoring system for energy consumption dedicated to manufacturing SMEs. The system displays information on energy use, and provides advice on how to improve energy efficiency. The metering system is based on ambient intelligence, which is used to monitor the production environment and machinery.

Energy consumption data collected by the system is complemented by data from condition monitoring, production process, and production environment. Intelligent computer software enables the combining of energy metering data with the energy usage parameters. The system can thus recognise problems related to energy consumption in real-time, and search for their causes by performing comparisons with monitoring data collected in the past. The process utilises data on previous measurements, problems, and their solutions stored in a database.

The developed services operate interactively, and also generate suggestions for measures that could be used to prevent problems and improve energy efficiency. The system sends e-mails or SMS alerts to the operations staff about any measured deviations and problems detected. A prototype of the system has already been tested.

VTT contributes to the project by providing the mathematical and data models of energy use parameters and energy efficiency indicators, and participates in the development of the user interface. The challenge in the development work lies in the fact that existing higher-level, general mathematical model for quantifying the energy consumption efficiency does not provide the means for optimising the use. Production processes in SMEs are unique, and the developed calculation models must be both sufficiently detailed and flexible to allow customisation

Project home page: The project includes partners from Germany, Spain, Great Britain, and Slovenia.