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New possibilities for the effective management of vibration and noise in machinery


VTT and Oy Noisetek Ab have developed new methods for the management of vibration and noise in machinery The result of the development work is the ELASTE product family comprising vibration-damping products with excellent damping characteristics. They offer a chance to implement new damping solutions and replace current ones with more effective and adjustable epoxy-based solutions. They also open entirely new markets in applications where, for example, a cost-effective solution is needed for noise and vibration problems arising from the lightening of structures.

The research project has increased basic knowledge, and as a result of the project, Finnish machinery and equipment manufacturers will be better prepared to meet future requirements on vibration and noise levels. These results especially touch upon the machinery and transport sector, but vibration and noise commonly cause problems in other fields as well.

The ELASTE products manufactured by Noisetek allow the construction of safer and longer-lasting machines and equipment, which are more pleasant to use. Participants in the research project included Konecranes, Wärtsilä, Metso, Sandvik, and Junttan. Due to the excellent results achieved and experience from the project, Noisetek has a strong belief in the competitiveness of its ELASTE products also in the global market.

“During the project, the know-how related to the manufacturing technologies and dimensioning of the ELASTE damping solutions was transferred to Noisetek. Interaction between the research institute and the companies, and their mutual networking were significantly developed, enabling efficient co-operation in the future as well”, describes Lasse Kinnari, Product Sales Manager at Noisetek Oy.

According to Noisetek and VTT, the project is a good example of what can be achieved through an interdisciplinary approach even in a reasonably short time. The starting point of the development work was to combine the latest materials technology with noise and vibration management know-how, thus developing the knowledge base and competitiveness of Finnish industry.