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VTT Management Group renewal: in-house recruitments and new talents from outside - Experience, effectiveness and growth-orientedness emphasised


VTT is reforming its Management Group by nominating new  members to the positions opened in the spring.

Antti Vasara, CEO emphasises experience, effectiveness, expertise and growth-orientation in the nominations. “With our top experts, we want to create impact and prerequisites for the growth of our customers and for Finland. The management group structure and the new members in this group will give us sound basis in this. The new management group members will refurbish and bring new talents to VTT’s management.”

Tanja Huoponen, MSc is nominated  as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She has been working as the CFO of the TDC Oy, Finland. She has solid experience in efficient financial management, strategic support of profitable growth strategy, as well as development of finance and administration processes that help to increase customer satisfaction. Tanja Huoponen will start her work at VTT August 8, 2016.

“This position offers me a very interesting opportunity to work in the leading R&D organisation in Scandinavia and work together with top experts of technology to strengthen the competitiveness of Finland. Together with VTT’s finance and administration professionals I want to develop services for the whole VTT organisation,” Huoponen comments. 

The present administration director, Seppo Viinikainen, will move to a new role of a Compliance Officer, reporting to CFO Tanja Huoponen. 

Kirsi Nuotto, MA, is nominated as the SVP, Human Resources. She has strong experience in HR, for example, from Cargotec and Outotec where she has been Senior Vice President of Human Resources. She will start her work at VTT August 15, 2016.

“It is great to get to work with VTT top experts. The renewal of the company and continuous development of corporate culture and management are inspiring challenges,” says Kirsi Nuotto. 

The present SVP, Riitta Tolvanen will be working together with Kirsi Nuotto till her retirement in the autumn.

Erja Turunen, DTech is nominated as EVP, Smart Industry and Energy Systems (IND). She will start in her new position August 1, 2016. She has been VP, Research in the same Business Area. Recruitment for her previous position will be opened now both in-house and externally.

“Digitalisation is changing our operating environment. This requires unique expertise, new services and approaches of VTT, as well as increased agility and ability to develop together with our customers. This is the way we want to operate”, Turunen says.

Jouko Suokas, the present EVP, will coach Erja and retire by the end of September.

Petri Kalliokoski, EVP, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services, is nominated  as deputy for the CEO, starting August 1, 2016.

Katri Kallio DTech, is nominated as Strategy Manager and member of the Management Group starting August 1, 2016. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on innovation management and has experience on the practises of innovation management in several Finnish expert organisations. During this spring she has been steering VTT’s new strategy process together with the management, company’s other experts and stakeholders.

Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, EVP, Strategic Research, Olli Ernvall, SVP, Communications and Brand Marketing, Matti Karhunen, SVP, Legal, IPR and Security, and employee representative Anu Vaari will continue in the Management Group.