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Customer story: New measuring improves indoor air quality while cutting energy cost by up to 50%


​How to achieve correct ventilation based on room occupancy?

A healthy, comfortable and productivity-enhancing indoor climate can only be created by making sure ventilation accurately responds to the needs of the people occupying the space.

Current ventilation systems, based simply on estimated average occupancy, are not capable of adapting to changes in the use of indoor spaces. For example, the air in a conference room or a classroom quickly becomes stale if more than the predetermined number of people are present – or the ventilation may work at full speed even if the room is empty, wasting energy and money.

The biggest challenge in creating truly demand-controlled ventilation systems has been that suitable flow sensors are not available.

Ultrasound measurement – no pressure drop, no noise, accurate control

Fläkt Woods's new OPTIVENT® ULTRA, developed in collaboration with VTT and coupled with modern control technology, achieves a high level of both indoor air quality and energy efficiency. VTT's new, extremely accurate flow sensor based on ultrasound enables reliable measurement across the entire flow range, even at low flow rates.

"The collaboration between Fläkt Woods and VTT is a perfect example of needs meeting. We at Fläkt Woods saw the need for a better measuring solution and have the resources to productise it and fit it to solve our customers' problems. Then again, few commercial companies have the time or budget for in-depth basic research – which is exactly what VTT brought to the table", says Timo Kaasalainen, Product Manager, Fläkt Woods.

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