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New co-operative detection system developed by VTT


Pedestrian and animal detection system for cooperative traffic infrastructure

VTT has developed a VRU (Vulnerable Road User) system for warning vehicle drivers. The system detects pedestrian, bicycles or animals, and sends a warning message to drivers about living objects in a dangerous traffic environment such as a motorway exit. The system is part of a cooperative traffic safety system, developed by the SAFESPOT project, which facilitates communication between vehicles and the traffic infrastructure .

This is probably the first roadside sensing system that detects living objects using thermal imaging technology interfaced as part of a cooperative intelligent traffic safety system. The advantage is that an expensive thermal camera is not needed in the vehicle; a warning of a risky situation can be transmitted to each passing vehicle.

Identification is based on a thermal vision system that uses image analysis (speed, size, shape and temperature information) to detect humans and animals. The system is integrated into a sensor fusion module which sends data to a local dynamic maps database modelling the driving environment. The system is being tested on a motorway in Turin, Italy.

Meet us at the ITS World Congress in Stockholm Sweden September 21-25, 2009, stand A20.