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Mascoma developing new biofuel production technology in cooperation with VTT


Mascoma Corporation and VTT are working together to develop a breakthrough in technology used for the production of biofuels from cellulose. Mascoma is developing a production process in which ethanol is manufactured using yeast, which is efficient in producing both enzymes that break down vegetable material into sugars and the end product, ethanol. Even if the technology only proves to be a partial success, it would still mean a major advance.

VTT has been involved in Mascoma's yeast development efforts for nearly two years. VTT´s Research Professor Merja Penttilä believes that yeast will prove to be an efficient production organism in the new process. Yeast is traditionally used in the production of ethanol and performs well even in large-scale production.

US-based Mascoma Corp. commissioned the research required for producing enzymes in yeast from VTT in September 2007. The project is set to last four years with VTT investing a total of approximately 16 man-years.