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Launch of Gateone Innovation Action, boosting smart system innovation for SMEs


​Press release from Yole Développement
February, 10, 2015:

Gateone is a European project to equip SMEs with smart technologies and solutions to boost their innovation cycle. The official launch took place in Grenoble on January 23rd, 2015.

Gateone has a selection of 200 innovative product concepts which they are offering to SMEs. These innovations address business opportunities in the areas of energy management, connected devices, smart cities, mobility, assisted living, security and safety. Demonstrators of the product concepts will be made available to SMEs for testing and validation, helping them to bring their product to market in an easier and faster way. Gateone is designed to act quickly and deliver concrete answers to SMEs’ business challenges.

… We are proud to lead this initiative which has the potential to make a difference in the innovation cycle for SMEs. Our vision is that smart systems are a huge opportunity for SMEs and we are committed to delivering the state of the art in this field” says Régis Hamelin, from Yole Développement, Scientific Coordinator of Gateone…

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Contact: Régis Hamelin, from Yole Développement, Scientific Coordinator of Gateone (