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Heterogeneous Technology Alliance to launch 4-Labs



The partners of the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA), CEA-Leti, CSEM, FhG and VTT have taken the next step of the expansion of their joint initiative. A new company, 4-Labs, has been created with the main mission of commercializing HTA technologies across Europe.

Through this new organization, HTA members aim at improving their understanding of the technology requirements of the European industry and to build the best solutions for satisfying these needs. This is the first time that major R&D organizations have put their efforts together in the foundation of an incorporated company.

In the near term, the new company will mainly target business opportunities in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Attention will be paid as well to new member states of the European Community.

4-Labs is located in Geneva and will be initially driven by two senior members of the device miniaturization and electronics industries, collectively known as the heterogeneous technology industry. André Perret, formerly Vice President Strategic Relations at CSEM will act as General Director of the new company and David Holden formerly International Business Development Director at CEA/Minatec will act as Business Development Director. Vice President, Technology Jussi Tuovinen from VTT is board member.

Heterogeneous Technology Alliance

HTA is a solution to bring coherence and synergies between teams and research infrastructures in the field of miniaturisation and system integration. Current members include CSEM, CEA, FhG VuE, and VTT. Operated as a "one-stop-shop", HTA guarantees a simple access to an enlarged portfolio of technologies. With a staff of more than 5000 scientists and a portfolio of more than 3000 patents, HTA is de facto the largest European institute in the field.

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