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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and VTT to work together


Wellbeing-related and technological expertise meet in co-operation between the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and VTT.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and VTT concluded a strategic partnership agreement in Helsinki on 14 June 2010. The partnership emphasises VTT’s role in working life as an innovator and expert in applied technology and the FIOH’s role as an expert on workplace health and wellbeing-related issues.

“Finnish companies will benefit from our co-operation by gaining access to technically and socially superior, user-friendlier and healthier scientific and technological applications,” stress VTT’s CEO Erkki Leppävuori and the FIOH’s Director General Harri Vainio.

The co-operation will cover both R&D work and client initiatives. The following themes – each of them crucial to the future of our society – have been chosen as areas of emphasis:

Enhancement of wellbeing and welfare. The functionality, smart design, and link to wellbeing of production and office spaces. Prevention and repair of moisture damage. Air conditioning. Modelling of buildings.

Health technology. Measurement of health and wellbeing. Usability of tools. Effective and smart protective devices.

Future energy, environmental and safety challenges. Energy-saving products and production processes. Comprehensive production planning systems. Logistics. Application of nanotechnology. Anticipation of changes in production and working life.

Work organisation. Functionality and development of work processes. Management of safety. Innovation activities.

Joint R&D ventures will be carried out particularly in the construction, wood refinement industry, technology industry and traffic sectors, as well as the social and health sector.