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Finnish firm, Dispelix, makes list of world’s most promising startups


VTT spin-off, Dispelix Oy, is the only Finnish company to have made it into the top 50 most promising startups. The company manufactures new-generation see-through-displays for augmented reality glasses.

US data analysis company Quid listed the 50 most promising startups. The top 50 were selected from 50,000 startups, with 'artificial intelligence' serving as one of the criteria. The list was published by Bloomberg.

Dispelix's virtual displays bring visual information, in the form of high-resolution images, directly into the user's field of vision. The displays can even be integrated with the lenses of ordinary glasses. This will enable smartglasses to replace even smartphones or tablets, while still allowing users to see the world around them. Also integrable with current smartglasses, this product should be available to consumers within a year.

The firm's technology is based on photoconductor optics developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, which enable the manufacture of displays in the form of light and thin elements, with a thickness of just one millimetre, on either glass or plastic. In addition to thinness, the benefits of the technology include a large, high-quality virtual image and excellent transparency. The display element can also be freely shaped and mass produced.

Bloomberg article:

Dispelix Oy ( produces high-performance Augmented Reality optics. Dispelix lenses are thin, mass producible, high-performance and, due their price structure, suitable for mass-manufactured consumer products. The technology is based on research begun by VTT in 2011.


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