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Finnish company Spectral Engines snatches the EU's Food Scanner –category


Spectral Engines Food Scanner

Spectral Engines had a strong trust into their own innovation and boldly took part in the Food Scanner -competition organized by the EU. In addition to honor, the win brings substantial cash price, almost one million euros, for the company. Spectral Engines' optical sensor technology originates from years of development done at VTT. 

Food allergies, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are a growing problem throughout the world, and they are a drain on society and its structures. In addition to weight problems, the world is facing other food related problems such as authenticity of food products, most of which focus on the developing countries.

With these facts in mind, Spectral Engines wanted to challenge their skills and went on to develop new, easy solution to tackle these problems. This resulted into development of new, world’s smallest spectrum-sensing solutions that offers unique advantages for identification and analysis of various materials, such as food. 

"Food is globally the largest single factor that affects human health. We wanted to challenge ourselves and see whether we can promote solutions that will enable us to improve people's health and at the same time the EU's competitiveness," explains Jarkko Antila, the CEO of Spectral Engines.

The Food Scanner solution concept utilises the world’s smallest true NIR spectral sensing module, advanced algorithms, cloud-connectivity and a vast material library to reveal the fat, protein, sugar and total energy content of food items at good accuracy. We utilize well-proven infrared spectroscopic methods for material detection, giving us high measurement performance in compact size. The solution is truly portable and easy to accommodate to other applications, both industrial and consumer. 

“Spectroscopy is growing rapidly in consumer markets as developing concepts such as intelligent home – and other consumer IoT solutions – are the future of our everyday life. Winning the Horizon Prize is a recognition for our solution-based organisational culture and it speaks strongly about the quality of our innovations. We are able to develop our business and solutions further with this money,” says Antila.

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Heidi Berglund, marketing specialist Spectral Engines
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Jarkko Antila, CEO Spectral Engines
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Spectral Engines Food Scanner 

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