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Developments in high-temperature fuel cells


Dissertation of M.Sc. Olivier Thomann "Improved durability and reduced system complexity of solid oxide fuel cell systems"

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are electrochemical devices that produce electricity (and heat) from fuel and air. They are expected to play an important role in the power generation sector due to their advantages in terms of high electrical efficiency, modularity, fuel flexibility and very low emissions. However, their high cost remains a burden, delaying their market entry. In order to drive their cost down, their durability must be improved and the system complexity needs to be reduced. This dissertation addresses these challenges through the development of solutions to reduce the degradation of SOFCs because of chromium poisoning of the cathode. In addition, simplification of the fuel processing subsystem are investigated and demonstrated. Lastly, performant and durable sealing solutions were developed and tested in an operating SOFC stack.

Time of the defence: 9.12.2015  at Aalto University School of Science

Dissertation as a pdf: