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Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering materials, Andrew Roiko


VTT's Research Scientist, M.Sc. (Tech.), Andrew Roiko will defend his doctoral dissertation on Friday 27 October. The title of the dissertation is "Interaction of non-metallic inclusions, microstructure, and fatigue loading with small crack growth in high-strength steels".

Small defects are often the cause of fatigue crack initiation and failure.  Since the initiation and growth of small cracks is the longest portion of the fatigue life of a machine component it is also the area where the largest increase in performance and quality can be achieved through better understanding and modeling of the material.

The prediction of the defect size along with the measurement and analysis of the small crack growth due to fatigue loading is examined in this thesis.  The results provide knowledge and guidance to improve the quality and efficiency of engineering structures.  The new methods and test results support and improve the modeling and prediction of machine components used in more demanding applications and loading situations.

Dissertation as a pdf:

Time: 27 October at 12.00

Place: at the Aalto University School of Engineering, Lecture hall K216, Otakaari 4, Espoo