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Customer story: Artificial Intelli­gence at the heart of wellbeing


AlvinOne screenshot

​Odum Ltd, based in Helsinki, Finland, has worked in preventive healthcare for decades digitalising and automating processes for healthcare service providers. Two years ago, they expanded from healthcare to HR (human resources) and management tools with AlvinOne, a mobile app that can predict and help prevent illnesses. The AlvinOne team shares a vision of empowering individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing.

On a mission to help people

Healthcare costs are rising globally and are at an unsustainable level in many western countries. Individuals, governments and businesses carry the financial burden. At the same time, employers have become more aware of the costs due to reduced productivity and the importance of employee wellbeing when measuring organizational performance. Employees coming to work while not healthy enough to fully perform is estimated to cost employers as much as illness-related absences.

“We believe prevention is the best treatment and people should be in the centre of their own wellbeing”, says Johanna Varje, co-founder and COO at AlvinOne.

AlvinOne is a new solution for optimising employee performance through health. It uses machine learning technology developed together with VTT to predict future health risks, performs an electronic health exam and connects work communities with right services based on results. For HR and management, it provides real-time, anonymised analytics on employee wellbeing and potential risks.

​“The rich sample of observations from the Finnish working population is unique in its overall size, width and depth. It helps us find profiles, trends and correlations that over time enable personalised and personal interventions in the high-risk groups. The developed algorithm can be modified for different job profiles and absence patterns in different countries”, says Mark van Gils, head of the research team at VTT.

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