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Brave visions of a smarter world – watch the video!


Can technology help us generate a better world, make our everyday lives easier, and enable sustainable growth? VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, who are constantly thinking about these challenges, now put forward five answers in a new video “True today or true tomorrow?”.



The visions presented by VTT exemplify the ways in which technological development manifests itself in daily human life and how it fashions the future. The visions reveal a world absent of wasting billions of litres of fresh water, or discarding countless tons of edible food. The viewer sees how energy is produced in an ecological and environmentally friendly way, and how the printed word springs to life.

The “True today or true tomorrow?” video can be viewed on the VTT website at and on YouTube. Viewers will also get the chance to decide which of VTT’s visions could already be true today.

VTT is committed to promoting research and development projects aimed at creating a better tomorrow. VTT’s goal is to provide technological and scientific expertise for the benefit of customers, society and consumers. Application of the fruits of significant R&D work carried out in Finland has an impact on the well-being of the entire world and its inhabitants.

VTT’s "True today or true tomorrow?" video on YouTube: