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Antti Vasara in the VTT newsletter: How may we help?


Antti VasaraI started working for VTT at the beginning of November, and first I wanted to find out where we are and what my new colleagues are thinking about. I asked all VTT employees to give me their suggestions and thoughts on what works well and where there is room for improvement. The number of replies exceeded my expectations, and I received a comprehensive list of ideas and thoughts. This a very valuable source of ideas as I plan what we will do next at VTT.

However, I was most impressed by the fact that the whole personnel is committed to VTT, and how passionately they consider ways of making VTT even better. To them VTT is not just one company among others, but it is our VTT, which we are proud of and which we wish to make even better. I think this attitude is a great asset for Finland as a whole. Right now, we need this enthusiasm and passion so that we can improve conditions in Finland.

I can also firmly and fairly claim that the research carried out at VTT and its scientific level are of high quality. The work that we carry out has a positive effect on the success of our customers and Finland as a whole. As proof of this, we have received top results in tough international competition, such as the EU's Horizon 2020 projects, and we have had positive customer feedback on the effects of our work. VTT has been and must continue to be a stable force and a valuable player for Finnish economic growth both in the public and the private sector, when the objective is to achieve profit and revenue from technologies.

On the basis of the feedback survey, it was also evident that VTT employees consider how we could carry out our work better when serving our customers. In the feedback, the personnel considered the many obstacles to improving the way work is being carried out and what changes should be made.

I am extremely happy about this reasoning, as I want VTT to be known for its high-quality research and also as an excellent customer service organisation.

I do wish that when we meet customers and partners, the first sentence that VTT employees will utter is: “How may we help?”

It requires both a sensitive ear and a curious mind. I believe that, with this attitude, we will know how to package our extensive knowledge in the best possible format in order to produce the maximum benefit for our customers and Finland as a whole.

Our VTT is at your service!

Antti Vasara