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Anne-Christine Ritschkoff named Executive Vice President, Strategic Research at VTT



Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, PhD, Docent, has been nominated to the post of Executive Vice President, Strategic Research at VTT as of 1 September 2010. As Executive Vice President, Strategic Research, Ritschkoff serves as VTT’s Director of Strategic Research. In this post she succeeds Jorma Lammasniemi, who will in addition to his part-time retirement take on the role of senior adviser.

Anne-Christine Ritschkoff has been employed by VTT since 1987 as both a research scientist and a research director. She currently holds the position of Vice President, Strategic Research, and Research Professor in the Applied Materials technology sector.

Among other roles, Ritschkoff is currently a member of Forestcluster Ltd’s research committee, and a member of the bioeconomy working group led by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

VTT sought both internal and external candidates for the role of Vice President, Strategic Research. The vacancy attracted a total of 58 applications.