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A new biomass-focused research center in Sao Paulo


Increasing demand for biomass and sustainable development technologies brings a Finnish research center to Sao Paulo. There is a growing demand on new biomass focused technologies in Brazil as well as globally.

As VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has front line knowledge in these technologies it will increase its presence in the Brazilian market. VTT will establish a new research center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The focus will be on the biorefinery technologies. Brazil is a global leader in biorefinery and especially in bioethanol research with substantial biomass reserves. Therefore, VTT’s objective is to be part of the development in optimizing the value of the biomass.


‘’By having our new R&D centre in Sao Paulo VTT is able to contribute closely to the local business society and to share knowledge with local research institutes’’ says Nilson Zaramella Boeta, the CEO of VTT Brasil LTDA. In Brazil VTT offers expertise and research infrastructures and technological solutions in fibre processing, biotechnical processing and energy production, for the Brazilian companies and public sector.

‘’Unlike sector-based research institutions, VTT is multidisciplinary and can therefore offer a great variety of sustainable innovations and technological concepts and services from various areas of technology’’ says VTT’s President and CEO Erkki KM Leppävuori.

VTT Brasil LTDA provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services for the South American markets. The aim is to help customers generate more competitive businesses from the biomass refining value chain in order to obtain the best possible value out of biomass. VTT Brasil LTDA is offering its research services to the pulp and paper, chemical and energy industries. In addition, VTT is keen to operate in collaboration with Brazilian-based research organizations and units.

VTT is opening the center in collaboration with Kemira which is a global two billion euro chemicals company that is focused on serving customers in water-intensive industries. VTT and Kemira have a joint research program called SWEET which focuses on three research areas: water reuse, technologies related to biomass processes and water chemistry in the aid of sustainable development.

VTT has already activities in several countries including China, Japan, South Korea, USA and many European countries. In Brazil, VTT wants to be perceived as a world-class, flexible and trustworthy multi-technological state-of-the-art research organization, which brings added value and international competitiveness to the Brazilian businesses and to the technology and R&D environments. VTT was in 2010 the most desired work place among technology students in Finland. VTT wants to be seen as a reference research organization and also as a preferred employer for the Brazilian researchers.