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Solution from VTT to prevent beer bottle explosions

Some contaminant yeasts make beer bottles and cans explode. Apart from being dangerous for consumers these ‘diastatic’ yeasts also cause loss of beer batches due to off-flavours, increased alcohol and over-carbonation in products.

TRA2020 leads the way towards clean and inclusive transport

The theme of the Transport Research Arena TRA2020 conference to be held in Helsinki on 27-30 April 2020 is ‘Rethinking transport - Towards clean and inclusive mobility’.

Quantum computing IQM to commercialise groundbreaking research from Aalto University and VTT

The startup - a spinout from Aalto and VTT - is developing hardware systems to enable the world’s first scalable quantum computing solution.

HackVTT envisioned solutions for climate change

VTT Young professionals organised the 4th HackVTT event in Riihivuori, Jyväskylä in May.

Digital society relies on 5G – VTT is developing a more secure 5G network with companies

The 5G mobile network will revolutionise our everyday services and keep modern society running. For that reason it is vital to be able to guarantee the security of the operating environment.

VTT’s young research scientists represent the youth at an international ministerial meeting

In May 2019, for the first time in the history of Clean Energy Ministerial / Mission Innovation meetings, youth delegates could participate in the proceedings of the international clean energy ministerial meeting

VTT and Saab expand co-operation in the security of supply of critical technologies

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Saab have signed a framework agreement with the aim to strengthen research co-operation in mutually interesting technology areas, thereby ensuring security of supply of critical technologies.​

The Telaketju network expands in Finland: Aim at making business out of circular economy of textiles

A two-year R&D project, led by VTT, will gather more than 20 companies and research partners together to create a sustainable basis for the circular economy of textiles.

Headphones made from biomaterials produced by yeast and fungal mycelium

A project team comprising research scientists, industrial designers and documentarians wanted to prove this possible and produced a set of headphones in their project Korvaa, the plastic and leather components of which were grown by microbes.

New sustainable technologies for wood-to-textile value chain enables increased production of man-made cellulose fibres in Europe

GRETE, the Green chemicals and technologies for the wood-to-textile value chain project, has been granted EUR 2.6 million by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), which is partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium.

Food from air with a new process – power-to-x solution and pilot equipment by LUT and VTT

LUT University and VTT have created a new emission-free process to produce protein from air with electricity.

VTT created a mini cupcake factory that can prepare personalised cupcakes in less than 2 minutes

Consumers demand more personalised and healthy foods. This trend combined with hectic lifestyle and snacking requires new on-site technologies to satisfy consumers' needs.

VTT to add new methods to the plastics recycling chain

A portion of collected plastic waste does not qualify for mechanical recycling and ends up incinerated instead.

Markus Forsberg has started working as Research Professor at VTT’s Kuopio office

Markus Forsberg, Docent, Professor of Pharmacology, has started working as Research Professor of KIPS’ Data-driven solutions Research Area in Kuopio.

Marko Koistila appointed as Vice President, Sales and Customer Partnerships at VTT: Science and research create future business success stories

Marko Koistila has been appointed as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd’s Vice President, Sales and Customer Partnerships as of 1 June 2019.

Helen, Lassila & Tikanoja and VTT’s City Refinery plant in Vuosaari to pursue a circular economy in its use of materials and energy City Refinery plant in Vuosaari

The City Refinery aims to enhance material circulation in Helsinki by processing difficult-to-recycle materials and biomass into high-grade products.

Finland takes action to enhance protein self-sufficiency

Finland is in an excellent position to enhance its protein self-sufficiency while building a sustainable, carbon-neutral food chain.

New Horizon 2020 project to build European communities resilience and social capital

BuildERS is a newly funded H2020 project aiming to strengthen societal resilience, including the most vulnerable groups, against natural and man-made hazards.

Neste and VTT strengthen their partnership through research investments in Finland

Neste and VTT have today agreed on strategic cooperation which fosters the joint use and development of research infrastructures in Finland.

FLAGSHIPS project to deploy two hydrogen vessels

The European innovation project FLAGSHIPS has been awarded 5 Million Euros from the EU to support deploying two commercially operated zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vessels in France and Norway.