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Involving companies in the planning of flexible exploitation of health data

In Finland, the health data collected in national registries already serves fairly well the needs of clinical care and academic fundamental research, and statistical purposes.

VTT result for the financial year 2018: Impact and positive financial development

The year 2018 was a successful one for VTT particularly in terms of the impact of research and customer operations.

Climate Barometer 2019: Finns wish to have solutions to climate crisis at the heart of policy-making

The Finns wish to see solutions to the climate crisis among the priority themes of the next government term and Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. Growing numbers of Finns have also changed their own behaviour to mitigate climate change.

VTT CEO Antti Vasara appointed President of EARTO

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, has elected President & CEO of VTT, Dr. Antti Vasara, as the President of EARTO in its annual meeting.

SniffPhone detects cancer from breath − VTT involved in the development of a cancer screening device

SniffPhone, currently in its prototype phase, enables early diagnosis of gastric cancer from a person’s exhaled breath.

VTT is hosting the EARTO Annual Conference on 20 March

The topic of the 2019 EARTO Annual Conference is RD&I Ecosystems for Industrial Leadership and Sustainable Future.

New Finnish research and innovation unity promotes oat consumption and business

Oats and oat-based innovations possess a significant global potential for Finnish food industry.

Select For Cities Hackathon – Make Helsinki smarter

Are you up for the challenge? Create your own solution for making Helsinki a smarter city by using the city's and other data sources on INDRA/Minsait's Onesait IoT and Big Data platform.

Nando Malmelin is VTT’s first Professor of Practice - seeking to develop new practices for industrial renewal

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland promotes growth for industry and society using research and technology to create new business opportunities from global societal challenges.

Nesli Sözer appointed as research professor in Smart and Sustainable Food Production at VTT

Dr Nesli Sözer has been appointed as research professor in Smart and Sustainable Food Production at VTT with effect from 1 February 2019.

Robotic Startups! Apply to RobotUnion acceleration program and receive funding up to €223,000

RobotUnion, EU-funded acceleration programme related to the robotics industry, has launched an open call with €4 million public funding for European robotic startups and SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises).

New online tool for testing organisations’ AI maturity

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) has developed an online tool that organisations can use to test their AI maturity.

Synbio Powerhouse is now officially launched!

Synbio Powerhouse is a VTT-driven ecosystem in Finland for everyone involved in synthetic biology. Like ecosystems in nature, industrial ecosystems include all possible places, people and companies who need to work together.

VTT develops a novel device for processing problematic waste

Modular Mixer. VTT's cylindrical extruder promises to revolutionise the processing of recyclable materials and thereby promote circular economy business.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s evaluation praises VTT’s competence

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has published the findings of an independent evaluation of VTT’s role in Finland’s research and innovation system.

Finland is aiming for pole position in the development of autonomous systems

The global market for autonomous systems is growing quickly: an estimated EUR 76 billion will be spent on robotics by 2025. To keep pace with this development, Finland is launching RAAS, a new innovation ecosystem for autonomous systems.

Celebrating failures at VTT’s first Gala of Failures

“Not my fault, I followed the instructions!” Have you ever felt the blush rising on your cheeks or had the uncomfortable feeling after realising that you have made a mistake?

National research programme develops Finnish nuclear waste management expertise

The Finnish research programme on Nuclear Waste Management, KYT2018, is at the end of its four-year term.

VTT and ESA begin strategic cooperation with an aim to develop nonterrestrial 5G networks

VTT and the leading European space organisation ESA have made an agreement on strategic partnership with an aim to develop 5G communications networks for the needs of the space industry. T

Turning forest carbon assimilation into a service in a VTT-led project

VTT coordinates the EU-funded Forest Flux project, launched in 2018, which creates commercial services for the estimation of forest carbon storage and assimilation.