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VTT Marilyn, a Finnish robot car, has taken a leap towards automatic 24/7 driving – also sees through fog

VTT's robotic car, Marilyn, sees better than humans in foggy, and even snowy, conditions, and can now navigate without stopping – including in bad weather. It can also see a human through fog and avoid accident automatically.

Europe aims to become a world-class commercialiser of fuel cell technology

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating a five-year European consortium worth more than EUR 10 million, which is developing commercial applications from SOFC fuel cell technology.

Towards smart and green shipping

INTENS, a VTT-coordinated Finnish research-industry collaborative consortium, has jointly committed over €13 million in the next three years, with the ardent funding support of €5.6 million from Business Finland,.

New method significantly improves the production of biohydrogen and other biochemicals

A joint study by the University of Turku and VTT has shown that the ability of photosynthesising microbial cells to produce biohydrogen from solar energy can be markedly improved by attaching the cells to a transparent nanocellulose film.

VTT prepares development paths towards 2050 climate goals– Finnish economy to revolve around the bioeconomy

According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s calculations, if used to produce and export high value products, Finnish forest and agricultural sectors could double their value-added by 2050.

Academy of Finland Flagship funding for Aalto University and VTT to develop new biomaterials

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd will set up a competence center for materials bioeconomy called CERES to develop new materials for securing a sustainable future.

VTT moves into Public Blockchains with Streamr

VTT and realtime data tech startup Streamr are teaming up to ensure companies and individuals are more empowered to use public blockchain technology.

Dissertation on energy technology: Low-emission energy solutions should be included in district planning

Mari Hukkalainen (M.Sc. (Eng.)), a Senior Scientist at VTT, studied district energy solutions in her doctoral dissertation.

VTT has 3D printed a smart metal part: a step towards artificial intelligence

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, which is developing future manufacturing concepts, has succeeded in 3D printing a smart shaft.

Support for mobile broadcast streaming service as part of 5G test network in Oulu

A new efficient media transfer method using multicast and broadcast technologies in the mobile networks, has been introduced to the 5G test network maintained by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Oulu.

VTT and the cities of Southern Finland improve the safety of natural ice trails

Due to growing demand and numbers of users, municipalities are creating increasing numbers of nature trails on ice, which require maintenance.

Visually appealing solar modules as architectural elements in building façades

VTT and Metropolia together with the industrial partners are investigating opportunities to extend integration of visually attractive solar modules into architecture of building façades.

New way of producing useful compounds from birch for the cosmetics industry

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has used plant cell culture technology to develop new types of ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

Solar Foods Oy gets two-million euros in startup funding for producing food out of air

The Finnish company Solar Foods Oy produces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and electricity. The goal of the company is to start commercial production of the environmentally revolutionary protein in 2020.

Corridor as a Service streamlines goods logistics

Corridor as a Service, coordinated by Traffic Lab, is being developed together with VTT, Vediafi and other organisations belonging to the CaaS Consortium.

PrintoCent 10 commercialization project on health and wellbeing rapid tests

PrintoCent10 project that has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund and lead by VTT with Oulu University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu, has gotten an excellent start.

IRENA report on Bioenergy from Finnish forests: Sustainable, efficient, modern use of wood

This IRENA report describes Finland's approach to sustainable solid biomass supply based on forest wood resources. Publication available at:

Riikka Virkkunen appointed to two European influencer forums

​As of January 2018, VTT's Senior Principal Scientist Riikka Virkkunen started as Co-Chair the Factories of the Future (FoF) Public Private Partnership Board.

New food and eating solutions bring vitality to consumers

VTT has developed digitally supported innovative food services and concepts to promote wellbeing from eating.

VTT’s advice to consumers: how to keep your messages safe

Encryption is becoming increasingly important with the spread of digital information networks where unencrypted transmissions are vulnerable to a surprisingly large number of prying eyes.


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