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VTT’s deep-tech incubator teams come up with two solutions to meet the need for new sustainable fish feed

Food shortages are a major global issue. Population growth is increasing the need for food, and growing wealth is driving demand for animal protein foods.

New solutions for engine power plant noise – increased engine power and renewable energy require investments in noise management

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the technology group Wärtsilä have completed a three-year project funded by Business Finland, which created new solutions for power plant noise emissions.

Wood-based yarn captures hormones from wastewater

VTT and Aalto University have developed a wood-based cellulose fibre yarn that is an affordable solution for capturing pharmaceutical substances – especially ethinylestradiol in contraceptive pills – that would otherwise end up in bodies of water.

VTT founds a subsidiary to offer innovations for autonomous mobility

Finland is a forerunner in autonomous and remotely controlled solutions that are renewing the industrial sector, logistics and the way people move.

VTT’s snack machine prepares a healthy Scoothie according to the user’s wishes

VTT developed a snack machine that nimbly prepares a product with high fibre or protein content – a Scoothie – in accordance with the consumer’s wishes and needs.

The SmartTram ecosystem brings attractive solutions to sustainable mobility while fostering competitiveness

The SmartTram ecosystem brings together the Finnish research and business sectors to work with cities to create the world’s finest tram transport solutions in order to reinforce exports of Finnish expertise.

Valuable product from steel industry slag– components created as a result of piloting tested in Finland and Spain

VTT and Renotech Oy developed a method for the partial replacement of refractory ceramic raw material with slag from the steel industry.

Complete production chain from biomass residues to Fischer-Tropsch products successfully validated

Production of biofuel by gasification of biomass residues was successfully validated in the EU’s COMSYN project in September. The process performance was verified with bark in an 80 hour-long test run at VTT.

Clear sector-specific differences in companies’ digimaturity levels

An online tool provided by VTT has offered organisations an opportunity to examine their digimaturity level and compare it with other organisations.

The Inspection & Maintenance robotics programme RIMA launched its first open call with €8.1 million equity-free funding for small & medium sized and slightly bigger companies

Launched within the framework of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, RIMA is an acceleration project that aims at connecting research and industry organisations to deploy robotics technologies in I&M applications to fit market needs

VTT develops smart cities in LuxTurrim5G ecosystem

In smart cities of the future, smart light poles will replace ordinary light poles, laying the foundations for a fast and efficient 5G network.

Combination of wood fibres and spider silk could rival plastic

The unique material outperforms most of today’s synthetic and

New study compares potential of different decarbonisation options in road transport

Sustainable fuels could play an important role in reducing transport emissions even as electric vehicles become cheaper says a new study from VTT and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Materials and chemicals the first commodities to be commercialized by carbon reuse economy

To mitigate climate change, giving up the use of fossil carbon is of utmost importance. One of the approaches is the reuse of carbon dioxide.

Solution from VTT to prevent beer bottle explosions

Some contaminant yeasts make beer bottles and cans explode. Apart from being dangerous for consumers these ‘diastatic’ yeasts also cause loss of beer batches due to off-flavours, increased alcohol and over-carbonation in products.

Quantum computing IQM to commercialise groundbreaking research from Aalto University and VTT

The startup - a spinout from Aalto and VTT - is developing hardware systems to enable the world’s first scalable quantum computing solution.

Digital society relies on 5G – VTT is developing a more secure 5G network with companies

The 5G mobile network will revolutionise our everyday services and keep modern society running. For that reason it is vital to be able to guarantee the security of the operating environment.

VTT and Saab expand co-operation in the security of supply of critical technologies

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Saab have signed a framework agreement with the aim to strengthen research co-operation in mutually interesting technology areas, thereby ensuring security of supply of critical technologies.​

Headphones made from biomaterials produced by yeast and fungal mycelium

A project team comprising research scientists, industrial designers and documentarians wanted to prove this possible and produced a set of headphones in their project Korvaa, the plastic and leather components of which were grown by microbes.

The Telaketju network expands in Finland: Aim at making business out of circular economy of textiles

A two-year R&D project, led by VTT, will gather more than 20 companies and research partners together to create a sustainable basis for the circular economy of textiles.