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VTT and its partners are developing nuclear power plant decommissioning into a business

Finnish digital technologies, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, sensing technologies, material science and nuclear safety know-how are useful as the world’s nuclear power plants approach decommissioning.

Comprehensive new study on Finnish sisu looks at how grit affects the way Finns work

In a study funded by the Academy of Finland, VTT and the University of Helsinki delved into the essence and significance of sisu in areas such as wellbeing and coping in working life.

VTT: Circular economy can improve the profitability of wind power – and vice versa

Circular economy can utilise surplus wind power to improve profitability of the entire energy system.

VTT SenseWay was created to help customers boost their competitiveness with autonomous solutions

The new VTT subsidiary, VTT SenseWay, will make the expertise related to autonomous solutions available to customers.

Sauli Eloranta, the winner of the CTO of the Year award 2019, appointed professor of practice at VTT

Sauli Eloranta, M. Sc. (Tech.), began working as Professor of Practice at VTT on 1 January 2020. Eloranta, elected the CTO of the Year 2019, comes to VTT with a long experience of promoting technology and digitisation in industry and maritime transport.

In the future, data will travel via space

The telecommunication system of the future is a multifaceted whole, combining 5G mobile networks with satellite networks in space and low Earth orbit.

VTT makes new investments in digital health– building excellence in the Kuopio region

VTT is launching new research activities in the area of digital health as part of the growing wellbeing and health technology ecosystem in Kuopio.

Anssi Laukkanen becomes VTT’s first research professor in computational materials science– materials modelling improves the competitive edge of industrial operators and boosts circular economy

Materials are everywhere, and even small materials-related developments almost always have great significance – not to mention completely new materials and solutions.

Dedicated photonics pilot-line for medical diagnostics

The European Commission decided to expand the existing photonics pilot-line offering by funding the establishment of MedPhab pilot-line under Horizon 2020, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

VTT has developed a tool to support astronauts in complex repair tasks with the assistance of augmented reality, AR

The European Space Agency (ESA) has been testing a tool developed by VTT as part of its training and operations system. The tool, using augmented reality, has been developed to support astronauts in training and operations during a space flight.

New ecosystem launched to boost photo and radiation detector hardware development

VTT, together with Aalto University and industrial partners, has started a joint effort to accelerate the development and commercialization of tailored high-performance detectors and systems for different application areas.

Improved comfort and safety for future firefighters and rescue workers with smart clothing

Researchers and companies jointly developed a wearable technology solution for firefighters. It allows real-time monitoring of heat stress, thus improving the occupational health and safety in challenging temperatures.

The need for demand-side management of electricity increases – piloted marketplace would enhance the use of demand-side resources

VTT and the University of Vaasa are collaborating to develop a new real-time marketplace for demand-side management of electricity.

Motorcycles to be made smarter and safer with digitalisation

VTT and KTM Nordic Oy (KTM) have started cooperation to equip the KTM motorcycle with similar technical data transmission and environment perception systems as VTT’s automated vehicles.

VTT developed an optical fibre made of cellulose

Optical fibre made of cellulose is best suited for sensors that benefit from the biodegradability of the material. In the future, optical cellulose fibre may allow detecting changes in the moisture level of buildings.

Electronics developers start extensive co-operation to advance circular economy

Companies and research institutes involved in the development of electronics and optics will begin co-operation under the leadership of VTT.

VTT solved challenges of emission-free hydrogen technology: Movable fuel cell electrolyser produces hydrogen and electricity from hydrogen in an emission-free manner with excellent efficiency

Hydrogen technology is playing an increasingly important role in mitigating climate change. Hydrogen, which is widely used in industrial processes, is also suitable for fuel and energy storage and can be produced from water without emissions.

New VTT innovations boost food production– plant “breathalyzer” wins research pitching at Slush

Climate change, population growth and urbanisation cause challenges to food production. In the future, it must be possible to produce increasing amounts of food with smaller resources.

VTT develops alternative leather from fungi – aims at industrial-scale production

Animal skin is an excellent material, but the tanning process of leather causes significant chromium emissions that are damaging to the environment and human health.

IT and forest companies to start close cooperation - plants as innovation platform

Headed by VTT, a group of Finnish forest companies, companies in the digital sector and research institutes will start a two-year SEED project that will generate new type of innovation activity originating from the needs of business operations.