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​VTT's research benefits business, people and society. We communicate our research results and impacts regularly. We would be happy to help you to find an answer or specialist from VTT if you need reliable information as fast as possible.

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Finns to design a totally new urban area in accordance with sustainable development principles in Nepal

Finnish companies will collaborate to design a new urban area for more than half a million inhabitants in the Kathmandu Valley in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

VTT develops a new sustainable way to turn forestry waste into transport fuels and chemicals

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has developed a new technique based on gasification, which offers a sustainable way to turn forest industry byproducts, such as bark, sawdust and forestry waste, into transport fuels and chemicals.

European consortium developed components for miniaturized gas sensors based on Mid-IR spectroscopy

In a H2020-project MIREGAS, Technical VTT and Tampere University of Technology teams, together with European partners, developed novel components for miniaturized gas sensors exploiting the principle of Mid-IR absorption spectroscopy.

Tampere University and VTT to lead robotisation of SMEs with a total funding of EUR 32 million

Within the next few years, robotics to enable agile production will be developed in Tampere, Finland in two projects under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme with a combined budget of EUR 32 million.

Tekla Tammelin appointed as Research Professor in Biomaterials Engineering and Design at VTT

Dr Tekla Tammelin, has been appointed as Research Professor in Biomaterials Engineering and Design at VTT with effect from 1 December 2018.

VTT becomes an R&D partner in the Think Beyond Plastic innovation ecosystem

VTT joins the international Think Beyond Plastic’s User Facility Network as an R&D partner.

Roadmap towards a sustainable economy: Using smart material cycle and new raw material sources for the era of resource sufficiency

VTT's roadmap towards a sustainable economy. The circular economy alone is not adequate to ensure the sufficiency of raw materials and energy as natural resources become scarcer due to growing consumption and climate change.

Groundbreaking nanosatellite imaging technology brings new possibilities to manage climate change

The infrared hyperspectral camera is smaller, lighter and cheaper, and able to alert us to major environmental catastrophes in near real-time

Carbon handprint: New environmental indicator for evaluating the positive climate impacts of products

VTT and LUT University alongside with Finnish companies have developed a method and guidelines for evaluating and communicating on the carbon handprint of products.

Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry

VTT is participating as a sector expert for pulp and paper industry in EU-funded BIOFIT project that will facilitate bioenergy production by retrofitting Europe’s industries.

Niall Shakeshaft nominated as Head of Design at VTT: Technology has to solve real human problems

MSc (Techn), MBA Niall Shakeshaft started at VTT on December 1, 2018. The aim of service design at VTT is to improve customer experience and keep the human at the core of technological innovations.

New tools for water utility cyber security in KYBER-VESI project

The two-year joint project led by VTT resulted in assessment tools and guidelines which will improve the cyber security of the water supply.

5G network to improve road safety

The next-generation mobile network and fast data transmission solutions can be used to collect a huge amount of data on vehicles on the road.

VTT launches an incubator to accelerate industrial renewal

VTT launches a deep-tech incubator to create game-changing startups with strong scientific foundation. VTT is a powerhouse of innovation, scientific research and technology.

New VTT premises in support of innovation and growth

VTT will lease new premises from Otaniemi, which will be ready in 2020. Additional premises will be designed and built in Otaniemi in 2020-2024. T

VTT and the City of Nokia to study the use of bio-based carbon dioxide as a raw material in the ECO3 business park in Finland

The need to find new uses for carbon dioxide has become an important area of research around the world.

Finnish 5G technology enables efficient mobile streaming to large audiences

National 5G projects co-operate in showcasing the delivery of the Finnish broadcasting company Yle´s live TV channels in mobile wireless network.

Revised SI system promises innovations for the future of industry

A revised version of the SI system, the cornerstone of all measurements, is due to be adopted in May 2019.

VTT speeds up the Finnish electronics industry ecosystem

VTT has launched an electronics sector innovation ecosystem aimed at creating a permanent collaboration model to reinforce the international competitiveness of Finnish electronics industry companies.

VTT and Dyadic International presenting excellent results reached in development of a new fungal production platform C1

The two-year r&d collaboration has successfully positioned Dyadic's C1 Myceliophthora thermophila fungus as a potential production system for therapeutic proteins, vaccines and high value primary and secondary metabolites.