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Sense'17 Demos


​The first Finnish autonomous car​The first passenger car in Finland having permission to do autonomous driving in real trafficPertti Peussa
​LightSense - lighting as a IoT backbone​Smart lighting infrastructure comprising movement and lighting level sensors with wirelessly connected LED luminaires Esa-Matti Sarjanoja
​Indoor sensor network​Wireless LORA-sensor network for facility condition measurements​Jari Rehu
​Flexnode - flexible wireless sensor platform​Flexible sensor platform for IoT applications and wearablesTomi Mattila

​People tracking with PIR sensors​Tracking people within buildings with low cost sensors and machine learning​Janne Keränen
​Indoor wireless positioning​Wireless real-time high-accuracy localization system based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radioJukka Kämäräinen
​High resolution wide-angle radar detection​Improving the resolution of wide-angle radar detection with data fusion of 360 degree omnilens imagingKimmo Solehmainen
​Personal data controller​Real-time annotation platform to create value for sensor dataPasi Hyttinen
Low-Power Wireless Sensor Systems for Industrial Applications​Optimizing sensor node life time by low-power design in sensors, radio links and on system level.Kaarle Jaakkola

​Isotopic analyser for radiocarbon

​Device demonstrator of an isotopic CO2 analyser to be used in drug development and monitoring of nuclear power plant emissions

Johannes Lehmuskoski
​Serology diagnostic device prototype​Proof-of-concept for rapid and reliable serodiagnostics based point-of-care device for infectious disease diagnostics​Marko Savolainen
​PillarHall test structures​Novel sensing solution for thin film conformality measurements​Mikko Utriainen
​Digimaturity tool ​Quick tool for analysing your company’s digitalisation statusAnu Seisto