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Wednesday 9 October 2019 

8.30-9.00     Info desk open, collect your name badge

                    coffee/tee served


Session 1: ​Metrology and quantum sensing – Chair Maija Ojanen-Saloranta


Paakkari Jussi www.jpgWelcome and opening of the seminar

Jussi Paakkari, VP, Sensing and Integration, VTT


Laurila Toni www.jpgBreakthrough real-time water analytics

Toni Laurila, CTO, Sensmet Oy


Gunnarsson David testi.jpg​Cryogenics role in Quantum Technology
David Gunnarson, Chief Sales Officer, Principal Scientist, Bluefors Oy                 


Goetz Jan www.jpgSensing in quantum computing – how to read out qubits

Jan Goetz, CEO, IQM Finland Oy


Ilmoniemi Risto www.jpgSQUID sensor array for a hybrid magnetoencephalography and magnetic resonance imaging device

Risto Ilmoniemi, Professor, Aalto University




Session 2: Spectral sensing and imaging – Chair Antti Näsilä


Kourkouli Penelope www.jpgRemote sensing with SAR

Penelope Kourkouli, Remote sensing expert, ICEYE Oy


Heikkilä Antti www.jpgMultiple gas sensing

Antti Heikkilä, Product Manager, Vaisala Oyj


Lehtonen Petri www.jpgImaging glossy surfaces

Petri Lehtonen, CTO, Helmee Imaging Oy


4 x 5 min. pitch talks by exhibitors:

Oplatek Group Oy, Hamamatsu Photonics Norden AB, Kimmy Photonics Oy Ab,

FocalSpec Oy



Lunch – demos, booths and matchmaking


Session 3: APASSI-project partners, optical sensing – Chair Janne Paaso


​Artificial intelligence based methods in industrial sensing: practical considerations

Vili Kellokumpu, Research Scientist, VTT


Pehkonen Johnny www.jpgPlastics recycling and plastics diagnostics

Johnny Pehkonen, CEO, Head Recycle Systems Oy


Koskinen Tommi www.jpgSensing Low Concentrations of Gold

Tommi Koskinen, Application Specialist  Analytics, Outotec


Ritala Risto www.jpgActive sensing in the process industries

Risto Ritala, Professor, Tampere University




Session 4: Radiation and photon sensors – Chair Mika Prunnila


Photodiodes with quantum efficiency better than anything seen so far

Mikko Juntunen, CEO, ElFys


Laitinen Mikko www.jpgDiscovering the Invisible from the Works of Art

Mikko Laitinen, Docent in Physics, Jyväskylä University


Laiho Mika www.jpg​Focal plane processor technology and applications

Mika Laiho, CTO, Kovilta Oy

Heinonen Martti www.jpgKeynote: Quantum metrology leap for future sensing

Martti Heinonen, VP, VTT MIKES
19.30​Reception dinner at Vanha ylioppilastalo (Old Student House) 

Address: Mannerheimintie 3, 00100 Helsinki


Thursday 10 October 2019


Session 5: HF Sensing: radar, 5G – Chair Tero Kiuru


Jakkula Pekka www.jpgMicrowave and millimeterwave technology for process industry measurements

Pekka Jakkula, Senior Microwave Advisor, Senfit Oy


Viikari Ville www.jpgRF-based sensing driven by 5G

Ville Viikari, Professor, Aalto University


Järveläinen Jan www2.jpgWhy you need new (dielectric) materials to succeed in the 5G race

Jan Järveläinen, RF Technology Manager, Premix Oy


Radaring the future: How are we planning to monitor baby sleep with millimeter wavelength radar technology

Semih Iseri, R&D Manager, Lullame Oy



Session 6: Low frequency wireless sensors – Chair Pekka Pursula


4 x 5 min. pitch talks by exhibitors:

COMSOL Oy, Kvalitest Industrial Oy, Beckhoff Automation Oy, Picosun Oy


Pesonen Nadine www.jpgHow smart is smart farming?

Nadine Pesonen, CEO, Quanturi Oy


Uusitalo Jukka-Pekka www.jpgDirect online drill string stress wave measurement

Jukka-Pekka Uusitalo, Senior Subject Expert, Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy



Panel discussion:

Trends in sensing and business outlook of Finnish sensor/detector ecosystem.


Henttonen_Vesa www.jpg​Vesa Henttonen



Pesonen Nadine www.jpg​Nadine Pesonen


Quanturi Oy

Klemettinen_Mika www.jpgMika Klemettinen


Business Finland

Atte Haapalinna


Okmetic Oy 

Suhonen Janne www.jpgJanne Suhonen


Spectral Engines Oy

Vähä-Heikkilä Tauno www.jpgTauno Vähä-Heikkilä

VP Microelectronics



Cziner_Krisztina www.jpgModerator: Krisztina Cziner, Head of Platform Services & Aalto Digi Platform Manager, Aalto University


​Lunch – demos, booths and matchmaking

Session 7: Medical, health and wellbeing sensors​ ​– Chair Petteri Alahuhta


Open sensor platform for movement and physiology 

Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Suunto Oy


Virtanen Juha www.jpgWearable patient monitoring sensors for intra-hospital use

Juha Virtanen, Principal Engineer, GE Healthcare Finland Oy


Korhonen Ilkka www.jpgSensing stress, fitness, sleep and recovery – sensors with brain

Ilkka Korhonen, CTO, FirstBeat Oy


Anttalainen_Osmo www.jpgTissue Classification with Differential Mobility Spectrometry
Osmo Anttalainen, CTO, Olfactomics Oy


Merimaa Mikko www.jpgClosing words
Mikko Merimaa, VP, Research, VTT