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MeSSA 2018 Workshop Program, 24 September, 2018


Room 8101, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos (ETSISI), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Calle Alan Turing s/n 28031 Madrid, Spain

Presentation timing includes questions and answers




Session 1: Integrated approaches and architectures (Chair: Reijo Savola)

  • Keynote Habtamu Abie: Cyber-physical critical infrastructure protection: the FINSEC integrated and predictive approach (45 mins)
  • Paper 1.1 Yussuf Ahmed, Syed Naqvi, Mark Josephs: Aggregration of security metrics for decision making: a reference architecture (30 mins)
​11:00-11:30 ​Coffee Break

Session 2: Risk-driven techniques and security assurance (Chair: Habtamu Abie)

  • Paper 2.1 Reijo Savola, Pekka Savolainen: Risk-driven security metrics development for Software-Defined Networking (30 mins)
  • Paper 2.2 Teemu Väisänen, Sami Noponen, Outi-Marja Latvala, Jarkko Kuusijärvi: Combining real-time risk visualization and anomaly detection (30 mins)
  • Paper 2.3 Basel Katt, Nishu Prasher: Quantitative security assurance metrics - REST API case studies (30 mins)

Session 3: Cryptographic and game-based techniques (Chair: Pekka Savolainen)

  • Paper 3.1 Sigurd Eskeland: Temporal anonymity in the AMS scenario without a TTP (30 mins)
  • Paper 3.2 Svetlana Boudko, Habtamu Abie: An evolutionary game for integrity attacks and defences for advanced metering infrastructure (30 mins)
  • Paper 3.3 Felipe Osses, Gastón Márquez, Mónica M. Villegas, Cristian Orellana, Marcello Visconti, Hernán Astudillo: Security tactics selection poker (TaSPeR) (30 mins)
​15:30-16:00 ​Coffee Break
​16:00-17:00Conclusions and Collaboration Planning