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Inauguration: Pilot nanoparticle reactor – new business opportunities with nanoparticles

01/01/2013 00:00 - 01/01/2013 00:00  


A globally unique pilot reactor for the manufacture of metallic nanoparticles, together with the most advanced scanning electron microscope available, will be inaugurated at VTT. The novel nanoparticle reactor offers exceptionally cost-effective process that can also be used for the synthesis of new functional multicomponent nanoparticles. The new SEM device reproduces a projection of nanostructures to an unequalled accuracy.

Nanoparticles are commercially available for multiple end uses. The poor scalability of current methods, however, means that the price remains high, especially for metallic nanoparticles. VTT has developed a feasibly scalable process based on gas phase synthesis and coating. The process is suited for mass production and enables flexible tailoring of metallic nanoparticles. The nanoparticles have endless applications, from printable electronics to water purification, or even magnetic cell separation in bioprocesses.


Welcome and opening, Tuomas Mustonen, Vice President
New opportunities with the nanoparticle reactor, Ari Auvinen, Principal Scientist
Visions of reactor use
Reactor inauguration, Erja Turunen, Vice President, Applied Materials

Participants will be shown around the reactor in small groups

Cocktails and networking, VTT's specialists will be present to discuss ideas with you concerning the business opportunities offered by the reactor.

Please, registration by 20.5.


Tuomas Mustonen
Vice President, Chemical Industry and Environment