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Guest lecture, Dr. Richard Pitts: ITER Status and Challenges

01/01/2011 00:00 - 01/01/2011 00:00  

Lecturer: Dr. Richard Pitts (ITER Organization). The ITER project aims at demonstrating the technological viability of fusion energy. Dr. Pitts is responsible for divertor and first wall design for ITER. These components are exposed to the extremely hot plasma and are therefore critical for the success of the project.

Abstract: The ITER project is under construction at the Cadarache site in Southern France. It represents the next big step in tokamak magnetic confinement fusion science and aims to contain and hold steady a thermonuclear plasma for pulse lengths of up to several tens of minutes at net fusion gain factors of around 10. The device embodies the accumulated knowledge of decades of research by tens of thousands of fusion physicists and engineers and will be twice the linear size of the biggest tokamak (JET) ever built. Its construction represents a major technological challenge and its operation will take future operators into previously unattainable territory regarding such parameters as plasma current, plasma stored energy, particle fluences to plasma-facing components, all in a nuclear environment. This talk aims to provide a brief status of the construction activity, to illustrate some of the major components of the machine and to outline examples of these technological and scientific challenges.

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The lecture is free of charge.