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Future Fuels for Engine Power Plants -seminar

01/01/2011 00:00 - 01/01/2011 00:00  

The global challenges today are to tackle climate change, energy security and emission reduction. Potentiality of feedstocks and processes set boundary conditions for the availability of certain fuels. On the other hand, engine and emission control technology set boundary conditions for fuels that can be utilised. How to secure sufficient quantity and quality of fuels at reasonable costs?

Global warming is an important driving force in energy policy. In Europe, the so called “20/20/20” targets for the year 2020 have been set to tackle with challenges of greenhouse gases, energy efficiency and renewable energy. In Europe, it is proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as80% by 2050. How can fuel technology contribute in meeting these future challenges? What will be the role of energy efficiency improvements and development of CCS? What will be the role of internal combustion engines, and which are the alternatives?

In this seminar, potential alternative fossil fuels and biofuels , including gaseous fuels and pyrolysis oil, are considered for engine power plants, ships and high-speed engines for the next 40 years. Fuel processing technologies are discussed to assess the economic aspects of fuel production. Legislation and policies are important factors affecting deployment and utilisation of alternative fuels. In addition, the future of fuels and combustion engines are discussed.

Registration (Deadline 9 November 2011)


The seminar is free of charge.