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Fuel Characterization Workshop - Fluidized Bed Combustion of low rank coals and mining residues

01/01/2013 00:00 - 01/01/2013 00:00  


Objective: Introduction of fluidized bed combustion technology and fuel characterization services at VTT with particular emphasis on low grade coals and mining residues.

Content: The workshop will provide an overview of the current status of fluidized bed combustion technology by keynote speakers. VTT’s fuel characterization service will be introduced with case examples and online test trials with oil shale, low grade coal or mining residue in a pilot scale circulating fluidized bed facility. From the tests realistic information of the fuel combustion behavior is obtained for designing high performance power plant operating with such fuels. Fuel characterization tests can secure the investment in terms of high efficiency, low emissions and high plant availability with low costs. In addition to that the tests provide facts needed in early phase of the investment e.g. environmental permits and public acceptance, planning of by-products utilization etc.

1st day includes introduction of fluidized bed combustion technology and its latest achievements.

2nd day you can participate in the fuel characterization tests at VTT pilot scale CFB combustor. You can follow online the tests that include demonstration of low quality fuel combustion, fuel switch / changes in fuel quality and optimization of the emissions.

In addition to that You can meet leading boiler manufactures on site.

Download programme [PDF]


Practical arrangements (accommodation, venue etc.) [PDF]

This program is free of charge and limited to 50 participants so be quick!