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Fibre Value seminar & webinar by VTT ForestTech

01/01/2012 00:00 - 01/01/2012 00:00  


Learn about the latest breakthroughs in packaging, printed media and biomaterials by joining the Fibre Value seminar or webinar on Tuesday 17.4.2012. The event is targeted for all parties in the value networks of printed media and packaging.

The seminar covers topics from water footprint to media and packaging trends, and from novel ways to utilise industrial side-streams to new forming technologies, and everything in between. Speakers of the webinar are VTT’s experts covering various aspects in the value networks of printed media and packaging.

Join the seminar in Otaniemi in Finland, or choose the presentations most interesting for you and follow them on-line via web. The seminar and the webinar are free of charge. You only need to register.


09:30 Registration

10:00 Opening of the seminar and the webinar

10:15 Resource-efficiency and added value with novel technologies

- Renewal by rethinking technologies, Dr Erkki Hellén
- Efficient piloting: next generation fibre products with foam forming, Dr Janne Poranen
- Toward industrial roll-to-roll production of nanofibrillated cellulose film, Vesa Kunnari
- Versatile surface treatment with foam technology, Karita Kinnunen
- Ultrathin barriers with ALD, Jenni Sievänen
- Active paper, Tomi Erho

11:45 Lunch break

12:30 Changing Raw Material Supply

- Global fibre resources, Dr Jari Sirviö
- Recycled fibre – a part of bioeconomy, Dr Elias Retulainen
- European biomaterial potential, Lauri Kuutti

13:15 Media Use

- How to benefit from user information, Dr Peter Ylen
- Social reading, Timo Kuula
- Co-creation with users – case studies, Aino Mensonen

14:00 Sustainable and Smart Performing Package

- Packaging Research – focus on applications, Jouni Lattu
- Packaging that delivers convenience & customized service, Elina Rusko
- Active and intelligent features in packaging, Tomi Erho

14:45 Coffee break

15:15 Environmental footprints and fibre product's life cycle

- Sustainability Assessment, Helena Wessman
- Examples of environmental impact assessment applications
  - Case Media Products of Alma Media, Catharina Hohenthal
  - Carbon footprint of UPM ProFi wood plastic composite, Mari Ovaskainen

16:00 Novel Fibre products

- Forest-based material biorefinery, Dr Prof. Ali Harlin
- Non-woven and tissue, Dr Pirjo Heikkilä
- Fibre Composites, Kirsi Immonen

16:50 Closing of the webinar

17:00 Cocktails

Access the invitation and registration here.