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ELAN NETWORK EVENT Nano/Biotechnology, ICTs and Renewable/Alternative Energies: innovation as key to generating successful technology business based opportunities

07/04/2017 07:30 - 09/04/2017 12:30 Sabana, Estadio Nacional, San José, Costa Rica

Network event will let the attendees to find new international partners and to create strong solid and long-term networks, that will let them to generate business opportunities based on technological innovation. This event:
  • Will let to identify business opportunities and technological challenges.
  • Will consolidate collaboration areas in the business opportunities based in technology and innovation.
  • Will create a linkage space to find the right partners to meet existing and future market challenges.
  • Will provide a forum for the innovation ecosystem different actors (government entities, business support organizations, scientific technological entities and business stakeholders) to analyze the challenges and opportunities of to introduce innovations to the market and the most appropriate strategies to overcome them.

The Converging Technologies are the base elements of the Costa Rican National Development Plan and most countries in the region have focused on them as drivers of their economies, with an emphasis on SMEs and boosting their innovative and technological capacity. Among them, nano/biotechnology, ICTs and renewable/alternative energies are considered the door to new global market trends and Costa Rica has developed a solid infrastructure, which allows its companies to generate Business Opportunities based In Technology, not only internally, but also as the best partners to develop business with companies from other regions.

The event will be coordinated with the International Fair  ExpoPYME 2017. Costa Rica Costa Rica develops an effort of SMEs national promotion and linkaged, which from this year will be extended to the entire region, through the international ExpoPYME fair, which develops both business rounds and product displays, productive linkages with national and international partners, training of entrepreneurs, among other activities. Everything on hand with innovation. More than 14,000 visitors are expected to attend ExpoPYME, as well as several hundred of companies from throughout the Central American and Caribbean region. Likewise, the government of our country wants to give it a Mesoamerican character, and them it will invite companies from Mexico and Colombia to participate.

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