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ELAN Network event Health Foods: new technologies and business generation

26/10/2016 08:00 - 28/10/2016 15:00 Santiago, Chile

Chile remains as one of the global leaders in the exportation of 13 kinds of different foods, featuring as the first global exporter of fresh fruit such as blueberries, grapes, cherries and plums. The country also stands out as the third global exporter of nuts, seaweeds and raisins, in addition to having a leading role in the production of salmon and trout.

The advantageous geographical conditions of the country are also noteworthy: the Mediterranean climate that prevails in the central zone of the country – which exists only in limited zones of the world– offers the ideal conditions for the production of healthy foods. Also, the country’s geographical isolation translates into an advantageous phytosanitary barrier.

The Healthy Food sector in Chile presents important development opportunities that will be discussed throughout the event with the purpose of seeking collaborations among national and European enterprises deriving in technology-based business opportunities, among which the following stand out:

  • Improvements in the treatment of sustainability factors: management of water resources, management of energy costs and efficient reutilization of primary activity waste.

  • The strengthening of added value for competitive positioning in international markets: the need to incorporate added value in the production of food to reinforce Chile's access to markets.

  • Increasing the productivity of raw material production activities in Chile.

  • Increasing infrastructure and resources for food R+D+I, in order to respond to a lack of physical resources and specialized human teams.

  • The reinforcement of information channels between the population and businesses: increase of information on healthy foods for consumers and businesses.


  • To address key technologies that allow for industrial competitiveness in Healthy Food sectors, and visions of future for Europe and Chile.

  • To identify current funding opportunities and research support tools that promote innovation and collaboration among Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • To identify enterprises, investors and knowledge centres in the innovation ecosystem and industrial value chains, that are capable of solving challenges posed by healthy foods in Chile.

  • To support SME's in expanding to an international level and considering the way enterprises can benefit from synergies between research and public-private collaborations.

  • To publicise key tools for the development of businesses between the EU and Chile.

Target Audience:

    • Companies, particularly sme’s and start-ups, interested in bilateral EU-LAC collaboration.

    • Enterprise support associations.

    • Funding, investment and innovation organizations.

    • Those responsible for public policies and public sector representatives.

    • University experts and technology and research centre experts.

Preliminary agenda:

Elan Network event - Chile 2016.pdf