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CCSP & NORDICCS seminar - Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) R&D in the Nordic countries

01/01/2013 00:00 - 01/01/2013 00:00  

The aim of the seminar is to present the CCSP and NORDICCS R&D programs and their mid-term results. The seminar gives an excellent opportunity for interested companies and organizations to get first-hand information about the programs and to network and share knowledge between colleagues.

Invitation (pdf)

Seminar program:

11:00 Lunch
12:00 Welcome – TBA, Nordic Innovation 
12: 15 Presentation of CCSP
• Overview of CCSP – Sebastian Teir, VTT
• Selected highlights from CCSP: CCS in combined heat and power plants, emission monitoring technologies for CO2 capture, bio-CCS , looping technologies
14:15 Coffee
14:45 Presentation of NORDICCS
• Overview of NORDICCS  - Nils Røkke, Sintef
• Selected highlights from NORDICCS: Nordic CCS roadmap, Nordic storage atlas, public acceptance
16:45 IEA 2013 CCS Roadmap: What needs to happen next? – Juho Lipponen, IEA CCS
17:15 Closing discussion, wrap-up

To register to the event, follow this link:
Registration is open until 11th of October

CCSP (Carbon Capture and Storage) program is an industry-lead Finnish R&D program (2011-2015), focused on developing CCS-related technologies and concepts. A further objective is to create a strong scientific basis for the development of CCS components, concepts and frameworks, and to establish strong international networks that enable active international CCS co-operation.

NORDICCS is a virtual CCS networking platform aiming for increased CCS deployment in the five Nordic countries. Operating under the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), NORDICCS is the Nordic CCS platform involving the major CCS stakeholders in the five Nordic countries. NORDICCS is financed by Nordic Innovation and the partners themselves, and has a planned operation of five years.

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