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Baltica X - 2016 - Life Management and Maintenance for Power Plants

07/06/2016 08:00 - 09/06/2016 17:00 Helsinki - Stockholm - Helsinki

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International Conference

Efficient methods and implementation for condition and life management

With evolving business and environmental issues in operating and maintaining power plants, technical advances provide the competitive edge and opportunities, but are also much needed with the on-going changes in processes, fuels, equipment, and market requirements for e.g. cost-effective fluctuating supply. This will shift the required understanding and treatment of the mechanisms and rates of deterioration, acceptability limits, assessment and associated risks for both ageing plant and new technology.

The BALTICA X Conference aims to provide an update on the current and emerging methods and tools for life management of thermal power plants, particularly for personnel involved with plant operation and maintenance, supply of components and services, and applications of life assessment. The Conference will focus on new issues and recent experience in evaluating and maintaining the safe and economic condition and integrity of new and existing plants, their major components and critical materials. Added value and insight is sought from practical case examples and in-plant experience.

Principal topics:

  • Concepts of maintenance and life management
  • Risk based inspection and maintenance
  • Operational, integrity and materials issues for new and ageing plants 
  • New tools and solutions for high temperature equipment
  • Issues of long term life management of the nuclear fleet