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Advanced WtE Technologies Seminar

01/01/2012 00:00 - 01/01/2012 00:00  


The seminar will focus on new and advanced industrial scale technologies designed particularly for efficient energy utilisation of waste. Special attention will be paid to the new gasification based WtE plant of Lahti Energia Oy.

Energy recovery from waste with minimised environmental impacts is a global high priority topic. New advanced high efficiency WtE technologies decrease the need for landfilling of waste and significantly reduce greenhouse gases and simultaneously enables saving of virgin natural raw materials and production of electricity and heat without coal or other fossil fuels.

A Finnish energy company Lahti Energia Oy is a pioneer in advanced WtE solutions based on gasification technology, and the first biomass and waste fuelled gasifier was commissioned in Lahti already in 1998. Based on very successful operation of that gasifier the new advanced gasification based high efficiency WtE technology was developed and now it is time for commissioning of the next generation gasification based WtE plant in Lahti.

The seminar will be held in the Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Finland, on 8-9 May 2012. The seminar will be opened at 14.00 on 8 May 2012 and it will continue on 9 May. After the seminar there will be a visit to this new WtE plant (160 MWth).

This new WtE plant is partly funded by the European Commission (within LahtiStreams Integrated Project) and this seminar is organised by Lahti Energia Oy and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland together with LahtiStreams IP.

More information and registration at seminar web pages.