VTT ProperTune® for design of wear resistant solutions


Customer: KONE Oy


Control and improve wear performance of elevator components, predict lifetime in operational conditions, improve efficiency and enable systematic design of novel solutions.


VTT developed and applied a modelling toolset based on VTT ProperTune® multiscale modelling solution. An engineering software tool for use in day-to-day design was deployed.

  • Enables design of novel solutions integrating material, component and system level features.
  • A new design approach and tool for design of future products.


The creation of an engineering tool, together with the connection between tests at material and system level, helped to inspire use. We shall take advantage of this
                 newly acquired knowledge based on VTT ProperTune developments, in our future

                   Petteri Valjus, Technology Manager R&D
                   Key Technologies


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