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Simulation-based optimization for buildings


Partners / Customers: Ministries, companies, research programmes

 CHALLENGEBuilding scheme

On a global level, buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and, therefore, they offer a significant potential for the reduction of CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption. The target is to reduce the environmental impact, however, the solution should not impose higher costs (investment cost, operating cost, life-cycle cost) and it should maintain the indoor air quality for the occupants.


The solution is found by utilizing multi-objective optimization, where an optimal trade-off between the conflicting objectives is searched. For this purpose simulation-based optimization is used, where a building simulation program is combined with an optimization algorithm. VTT jointly with Aalto University developed MOBO, a generic optimization tool for building performance optimization. MOBO is able to handle single and multi-objective optimization problems with both continuous and discrete variables. Furthermore, it can be coupled to different building simulation programs.


VTT offers energy efficient and cost optimal solutions for the design and operation of new and renovated buildings. This goal is achieved by finding optimal components in the building envelope and energy systems, which includes onsite energy-generation, conversion and storage. The scope starts from a single building and extends to district level, while integrating the interactions with smart bi-directional thermal and electrical grids.