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HOLM – advanced fatigue tracking system ensure airframe’s durability


Customer: The Finnish Air Force


Modern fighters' maneuvering capability challenges structural durability. Aircraft operations have changed from those of the OEM's original design ⇨ operational loads differ from OEM's design assumptions ⇨ expected structural durability differ from design assumptions ⇨ must ensure continued capability of existing platforms to reach Planned Withdrawal Date (PWD).


The HOLM will provide realistic & reliable in-flight raw data needed in overall fleet management e.g. preventive maintenance decision making to reach PWD. The system can be tailored as per customer's needs (fixed/rotary wing, manned/unmanned).

  • Representative in-flight "raw" data from own usage
  • Reliable fatigue tracking capability of operator-specific structural locations
  • Improved understanding of airframe behavior (preventive maintenance)
  • Realistic flight loads update & durability estimates
  • Information to support proactive fleet management