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Energy system planning and electricity market simulation


Energy system planning

Customers and partners: Governments, energy companies, energy technology developers
Projects: REserviceS, FLEXe, WILMARlogos




The transition towards a low-carbon energy system with high amounts of variable renewable generation is changing the roles of energy market actors and new business models are needed. As the cycling of thermal power plants is increasing, more and more attention is paid to the business logic for investing in flexible thermal generation. On the other hand, ancillary services needed by the power system can be provided by various sources in future, including renewables and flexible demand, and the business case is the best for those who can provide the services in a cost-effective manner.


VTT utilises interlinked optimisation models for energy system investment and operational planning. The development of the operational model WILMAR Joint Market Model started in 2002 by VTT and other European research organisations. Since then, VTT has continuously tailored the WILMAR model and the investment model Balmorel to respond to challenges in energy systems with high amounts of wind and solar power.


Improved understanding of the value and impact of

  • power system flexibility in future
  • investments in generation, storage, transmission and demand side flexibility
  • energy and electricity market designs
  • laws and regulations

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