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AI revolutionises quality control in industrial steel production



In industrial use, steel quality has to be consistent. Process failures and quality deviations cause costly delays.
The strip hot rolling process is highly complex and thus difficult to monitor. If quality failures pass through undetected, the problems keep on recurring.

  • An automated AI-assisted quality monitoring system crunches raw data from hundreds of sources. It uses mathematical models to form quality predictions during processing. Root causes are accurately identified and the process instantly adjusted.
  • An interactive user interface gives the process engineer a view to detailed real-time information about the process.

Early detection of process failures and quality deviations means they can be fixed, before things escalate.

  • Reliable yield
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Optimised use of raw material
  • Predictable quality
  • High customer satisfaction


Meeting the desired standards of strength and safety is a massive business advantage. Introducing the quality monitoring system to all production sites multiplies Return on Investment.