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Municipal solid waste (MSW) converted to a design product


The rags-to-riches story of plastic waste

Project: ReLight

Partners: Innolux, Merocap Oy, Oy All-Plast Ab


Plastic share of MSW can be utilized in energy production. However, utilization of this part as a raw material in new products is a more eligible option considering material efficiency and environmental aspect. The aim of the project was to demonstrate utilization of one recycled plastic stream

in a design product. A second aim was to increase environmental consciousness of young consumers.


High-quality demonstrative objects, consisting 85 w-%  of plastic waste collected in a cemetery, were successfully manufactured in the ReLight-project. Finnish designer Eero Aarnio former created Origo, a light fitting model, was used as a miniature demonstrative piece, key chain.

Project combined together:

  • Sustainable Development: used plastic grave candles containing soot, paraffin and stearin
  • Educational Responsibility: students sorted grave candles and thereby learnt about plastic recycling
  • Skilful Processing: VTT manufactured final plastic compound, Merocap Oy and Oy All-Plast Ab injection moulded plastic parts and Innolux assembled the final piece
  • Design & Creativity: Designer Eero Aarnio created a key chain


 Additional information

Outi Härkki, Research Team Leader
Polymeric material processing and solutions

Satu Pasanen, Research Scientist
Polymeric material processing and solutions