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Ice detector performance validation


Customer: Labkotec Oy    Labkotec logo



VTT icing wind tunnel testing of LID-3300IP Type 2 Ice Detector System in September 2017

To validate the performance and robustness of ice detector systems to be used in wind power, meteorological and aviation applications to indicate the time when in-cloud icing conditions start and when the icing event is over.



VTT developed and executed Icing Wind Tunnel -laboratory tests in Espoo and cold climate field tests at Olos wind power site for Labkotec’s commercial and prototype ice detectors to evaluate the performance of the products in harsh conditions.



VTT Olos wind farm

A repeatable, ”Five winters in one week”- test programme at VTT Icing Wind Tunnel -laboratory together with field tests at Olos test site increases reliability and robustness of the ice detector enabling Labkotec to develop high end solutions faster for cold climate wind power industry.