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Low carbon energy references


ice crystalsIncreasing UAV Operating Performance in Atmospheric Icing Conditions

Researchers at Norwegian University of Science (NTNU) and UBIQ Aerospace visited VTT icing wind tunnel to learn about physics of ice accretion on UAV airfoils and test their electrothermal icing protection system.

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ice crystalsIce detector performance validation

VTT developed and executed Icing Wind Tunnel -laboratory tests to evaluate the performance of the products in harsh conditions.

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VTT Active noise control

​​​Minimising energy costs and CO2 emissions for smart cities

VTT's CITYOPT planning tool analyses cost and system information, enabling hence the optimisation of energy system and minimization of energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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​​​Evaluating the I&C design of gamma scanning and X-ray tomography equipment

VTT helped Jules Horowitz Materials Testing Reactor (France) rapidly identify potential safety problems and suggested improvements in a light-weight and cost-effective way.

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​​​In-kind delivery of safety classified testing equipment to JHR

VTT delivers equipment for non-destructive material and fuel examinations to be used in the reactor pool, in the storage pool and in the hot cells to the Jules Horowitz Material Testing Reactor (JHR) construction project.

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​​​Assessment of an expert elicitation process

VTT and Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) worked on how to ensure that expert opinions have been correctly collected while preparing a safety case for final disposal of nuclear waste.

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​​​Safe nuclear fuel repository

VTT is an essential contributor to the technical bases of the ONKALO repository safety case, including waste characterization methods, justification for long-term safety and development and performance verification of engineering barrier systems for confinement of radioactive materials.

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​​​Development of roll-to-roll printed inverted organic solar cells

ENI, is an Italian energy company actively conducting research and development on renewables and conversion of solar energy. VTT is ENI’s research partner in developing fully roll-to-roll printed inverted organic solar cells based on ENI’s materials.

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Next-generation fuel cells

The new fuel cell system provided  higher efficiency levels, lower emissions, lower noise and vibration levels compared with competing systems.

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​​​Model checking reveals hidden design errors

​VTT has successfully applied the method e.g. for the verification of critical nuclear automation systems and factory automation systems.

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