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Strategic cooperation in digital health research and development projects


Customer: GE Healthcare


Patient monitoring is undergoing radical change, enabled by e.g. wireless mobile solutions and advanced data analytics.


GE Healthcare reacted to the change by launching a digital health programme in Finland, with VTT acting as a strategic research partner and content and technology producer and supporting GE in the implementation.

  • The development of new product concepts begins rapidly.
  • GE Healthcare recruited 100 new employees in Finland in the first 12 months of the innovation programme.
  • The digital health programme also speeds up the Health Innovation Village and the surrounding health technology ecosystem in Vallila.


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg GE wants to work with VTT in a close long-term partnership. We have had the opportunity to contribute to VTT’s strategy in the field of health technology and see that it is well aligned with our goals.

Hanna Viertiö-Oja, Chief Scientist, PhD, GE Healthcare