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Developing medical imaging equipment to diagnose skin cancer


Medlumics_OCT_chip_cropped.jpgCustomer: Medlumics


 Reducing the size and cost of optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems.


VTT provided silicon photonics technology which is based on 3 µm thick Si waveguides that form photonic integrated circuits on small Si chips. Commercial manufacturing was started via VTT Memsfab.

  • Ready prototype of OCT using silicon photonics technology
  • Unique combination of low loss, broadband and polarisation independent operation, as well as ultra-dense integration, low cost and industrial manufacturability.
  • Medlumics is now ready to develop portable and affordable OCT systems for medical imaging.

VTT’s low-loss photonic platform is helping us improve our medical virtual biopsy products by miniaturizing all the optics into a tiny chip, thus reducing size and cost of what are otherwise complex systems. We have found a strong commitment to quality procedures and reliable fabrication, which has been fundamental for our success in moving towards a commercial product.

Eduardo Margallo, CEO